Half-Orc Monk



Gu’ar is slightly taller than the average half-orc, but is otherwise unremarkable in appearance. He is what you might call ugly, even for a half-orc, but fortunately for one raised in the cloistered walls of a monastery, looks are of infinitesimal importance. He wears the plain, comfortable, unadorned clothes of those who are concerned only with the spiritual matters of the self. His hair is short and most often pulled back into a ponytail, and he sees adornments such as jewelry (and the scars that Orcs so often pride themselves in) as extraneous.


Gu’ar was born into a tribe of Orc barbarians, and before he had even turned one year old he was introduced to the harsh realities of life. His tribe was attacked by a tribe of human barbarians with whom Gu’ar’s tribe had engaged in several previous territorial skirmishes. This time, however, was no ordinary encounter, and the whole tribe was slaughtered save for Gu’ar, who escaped death only because of his mother’s desperate final act of hiding him beneath her broken body. Although he had survived the battle, the frozen wilderness threatened to claim him. A monk on a pilgrimage to a nearby monastery happened to hear his plaintive, helpless cries and took the poor orphan in, gave him a name, and raised him in the ways of the monks. From then on all he knew were those four walls, although he often wondered how he had come to be the only half-orc within them. On the date of his 20th year the old monk told Gu’ar how he had come to find him all those many years ago, and this revelation stirred in Gu’ar a desire to go see for himself the land that he would have called home, and perhaps others like him.


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