Maximus Crow

Human Rogue Assassin




At the tender age of 11, Maximus’ parents were brutally murdered before his very eyes. He was never able to see the faces of his parents’ death dealers, but always remembered the soft whisper their leader left in his ear, “Your time will come, boy… Soon”. These words tore at the mind of Maximus, making him wonder what his parents did to deserve such brutality. After speaking these words to Maximus, the leader of the deadly trio handed him his short blade, still coated in the blood of his parents and muttered, “you’ll need this”.
After losing those who are closest to him, Maximus took to the streets, learning the hard way that everything you receive is earned, most of the time in an unfair way. He began looting his first locals before he became and teen and killed his first man at 14. He developed a keen sense of stealth wherever he traveled learning the ability to quickly climb out of danger or hide in the shadows whenever needed.

Maximus Crow

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