Mertimil Allanar

Half-Elf Wizard



Tall and slender for a Half-Elf, Mertimil dresses in such a way as to accentuate her Elven features. Mertimil further tries to play the part of a full elf by using somewhat ornate traditional make-up and jewelry. Being raised by Elves, Mertimil conducts herself in a graceful poised manner. Mertimil’s features are elegant for a Half-Elf but only ordinary for an Elf.


Raised by a small Elven community in a unknown rocky forest area, Mertimil identifies as a Elf. A political schism within the Elven community left Mertimil’s with a torn home; After nearly 100 years of living within the borders of her small Elven city Mertimil finally strikes out on her own to see what the world has to offer. Curious of the world, even the mundane is interesting to Mertimil. She notes everything she can, with only her schooling to compare to.

Mertimil Allanar

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