Thomas Mandragon

Head Librarian and Keeper of Knowledge


This old man has been Head Librarian for as long as people can remember. His great curled mustache, deep, knowledgeable blue eyes, and charismatic attitude defy his age. It is rare to find a soul who dislikes Tom Mandragon, but when you do, they do not tend to linger.

Much about his past is unknown partially because he has been around so long and partially because no one really has cared enough to find out.

Occasionally, Tom has been known to drink heavily and pull out his harp – with which he sings a song about a woman loved and lost to the cruelty of time. There is speculation that he was once a bard or keeper of lore, but people tend to think he was always a librarian and he learned to play instruments in his free time; surrounded by books and tomes of ancient songs.


Thomas Mandragon

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